Baloji LIVE im Karlstorbahnhof

Baloji LIVE im Karlstorbahnhof
Montag | 9. April 2018 | 20:00 Uhr

Baloji is a poet, composer-lyricist/beatmaker, scriptwriter, actor and performer, video artist and stylist. After the release of his album Hotel Impala (2008), his Congolese reinterpretation (Kinshasa Succursale, 2011) was awarded 4 stars by the world’s press (NYT, Guardian, El Pais, Les Inrocks..) and after more than 200 live shows all over the world, Baloji is back with a new EP.

Präsentiert von ASK HELMUT
Einlass 20 Uhr / Beginn 21 Uhr
Eintritt AK 22 € / VVK 18 € + VVK-Gebühr

His music stands at the crossroads of African music, rap music, the French singer-songwriter tradition, afro-american music (soul, funk, jazz) discovered through hip hop culture and sampling; and electronic music (trance, deep house) which has its roots in part in the region of Belgium where Baloji grew up.